Who We Are

The Plastics Alliance of Alberta was formed in July 2020.

The Alliance is a collaboration between industry, government, academia, and non-government organizations representing Alberta’s plastics value chain with the aim to build and capture the opportunities of a circular economy. 

Members are committed to finding solutions to manage plastics and keep them out of the environment while contributing to economic opportunities and growth.

Our Vision

Alberta is a global leader in the advancement of a circular economy for plastics that reduces waste by design, keeps materials in use, and supports a healthy and sustainable environment and economy.

The Plastics Alliance of Alberta has four main objectives that set the strategic direction for our activities.

Recommending policies to provincial and municipal governments in Alberta that set the regulatory and investment climate to encourage a circular economy

Defining Alberta’s plastics value chain and identifying investment opportunities to achieve a circular economy

Identifying areas within Alberta’s plastics value chain where innovation plays a role in overcoming gaps or barriers to plastics circularity

Communicating and building awareness of the importance of a circular economy for plastics in Alberta


Co-chair – Deborah Pietrusik

Co-chair – Christina Seidel


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